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Refurbished Bluetooth enabled Exterior Digital Load Scale


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This is a refurbished Exterior Digital Load scale enabled with Bluetooth wireless technology, with one air sensor. Our refurbished scales are of equal quality to our new load scales and come backed by our standard 3-year warranty. This load scale monitors an axle group with a single height control valve.

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Right Weigh’s R201-EBT-01B Refurbished Exterior Digital load scale is designed for drive or trailer suspensions with one height control valve.  After both an empty and loaded calibration has been performed at a certified ground scale, the gauge will reliably display the on-the-ground axle group weight in pounds or kilograms. If desired, this scale can be programmed with up to 4 calibration sets for different axle configurations, or can be used in estimated steer mode when installed on a drive axle, which will give both the drive axle weight, and an estimated steer axle weight.

  • Bluetooth-Enabled version of the 201 series digital on-board scale
  • On-the-ground axle group weight is displayed in pounds on an easy-to-read digital display
  • One air pressure sensor monitors either one drive axle group, or one trailer axle group having a single height control valve
  • Programmable 5 digit PIN code, and visual overweight alert
  • Installed in a weather resistant enclosure, bracket and stainless mounting hardware included

Corresponding Installation Kit:

201-SK: Covers the installation from the back of the load scale to an axle group’s air suspension system


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